Brave Rewards - 3 devices synced

Hi there,

I synced three devices today. But i’m not aware if also the amount of BAT will be synced in to one account?

I didn’t verify one of the 3 wallets via Uphold.

Would like to know if this is needed to get the BAT from my mobile, tabled and desktop device in one walllet and how to do this.


This is not possible as of now; it will only sync the bookmarks not any wallets or balances.

ok thanks for your reply!

So do I need to verify 3 wallets with Uphold to get the BAT out if I want to?

You can only verify on desktop right now, not on mobile.

You would have to wait until this functionality has been added to mobile but you can use the BATs collected on mobile to tip websites, GitHub, Twitter, Reddit etc. users (including yourself, hint hint).

Thanks for the tip :smile: