New Brave Browser verified wallet BATs is not showing up on Uphold


I recently did KYC with Uphold like 2 weeks ago. Everything went smoothly 2 weeks ago. synced 3 brave browsers to Uphold. 1 mac, 1 windows and 1 android. since iOS didn’t have a way to verify wallet with uphold, i did gift BAT to myself using social media tipping. The reason I did this is I am selling my iPhone and that’s the only way I get back the BAT on that phone. I assume the payout will be some time in September.

So anyway - my problem now. I verified my wallet from my work PC yesterday. It does show my wallet is verified, but the BATs does not appear on my Uphold account. I asked Uphold and they said to ask here since they are not issuing BATs. I have 26.750 on my work PC and Uphold says I have none. I checked activities tab of the Brave Browser wallet and it has no pending activity that indicates it will appear there some time. The first time I moved my BATs from all over into my ledger everything was instantaneously. Any idea what happened? It still says I have 26.750 BAT on my work browser but Uphold says I have 0.

Hi @rambutan - payments are transferred on a monthly schedule, beginning the 6th of each month. If you don’t receive your BAT to your Uphold by then please let me know. Thank you.


Thanks, will update a few days. Thanks steeven!

Hi steeven,

I began receiving this month’s brave rewards 4 days ago. I received the tokens for my two browsers, but not the new one in question I connected 8/31. Brave says wallet verified. I don’t get it.

edit: After I didn’t see my BAT populate on Uphold, I disconnected and reconnected my wallet with Uphold and logged in on my account again. Nothing happened. I have screenshots but I don’t know how to send it here.

Hi @rambutan - please see - Update on Estimated Ads Earnings, and Payments not depositing to Uphold.

Thanks steeven. Looking forward to seeing an update soon :smiley:

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