Problem using multiple Browsers


I am using two browsers. Both are connected to my verified uphold account.

On first system, Brave is telling me I have 188 BAT in my wallet. So far, so good.

Logging into Uphold Website. Uphold is telling me, I have 188 BAT on my card. So far, so good.

Now on my second System, I used more often, my wallet is telling me I have 250.5 BAT. But this BAT, I cant see in Uphold. If I disconnect the wallet on my second system, the wallet tells me there are only 62.5 BAT in my wallet. So I 250.5 - 62. = 188 BAT.

It seems like the secondary system recognized the BAT given from my first system adding them.

I dont really understand, what is happening here? And, is it normal: As long as I dont sell my BAT on uphold or withdrawal them, they are available in browser wallet and in the Uphold card?

Some additional information:

Since my Uphold Account was successfully verified last days, I logged into uphold with my tablet today. Then I saw the balance and I was wondering, cause there was 22 transactions, all send within one minute. The transactions given exactly 188 BAT.

Transaction was send by: @BravePublishers

I have a publisher account too. But If i login there, it tells me, 104.5 BAT Balance. Payout Progess: “The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later”.
Last deposit: -

I think deposit means transferring from creators to uphold? Seems never be done so I would think the “FROM @BravePublisher” is not meant to be but instead to be the browser sending BAT to uphold? But why are the BAT still remaining in my first system wallet?

Another UPDATE:

I am getting more and more confused. My first system, was not having 188 BAT from the beginning.

At start
System 1: 5.25 BAT not connected
System 2: 250.5 BAT connected and verified

Then I connected System 1 and it tells me 188 BAT. I dont know where the 5.25 BAT gone.

Now I had a lookup in my emails.

I got 15 Emails 13:18 / 13:19 about receiving 182.75 BAT sums together.
I got 7 Emails 19:51 about receiving 5.25 BAT sums together.

At the end as described:

System 1: 188 BAT
System 2: 250.5 BAT
Uphold Card Balance 188 BAT

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