My BAT rewards have disappeared after verifying wallet

I’ve been using Brave browser for a couple years now. I had over 300 BAT accumulated in that time. They were in my rewards page the whole time and I never lost them. I finally verified my wallet on Uphold last week. I tried withdrawing my BAT tokens to Uphold that same day, but it wasn’t working. It would always say I have 0 BAT to transfer over. I figured it was still fully verifying my account. I came back on today to try again, only to see that my Brave rewards only shows 27 BAT in my account. I’ve lost over 300 BAT tokens and did nothing that would’ve caused that. Checked my Uphold account to see if they automatically transferred there, but my Uphold wallet is still empty. Anyone know what’s going on?? Thanks in advance for the help.


@sirch618 did you get anywhere with this ? Same thing happened to me too.
Clicked on “connecting to a verifiied Uphold wallet” link, signed up and all BAT is gone.

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I haven’t figured anything out yet. I’m still waiting to hear back from a Brave customer support rep

Same here,.lost my march’s bat

Bump thread. Anyone had any updates for loosing BAT after verifying wallet ? Anything we can do to help debug this ?

Nope! I still haven’t gotten any responses from customer service. Sorry, I wish I had better info for you!

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“Support” keeps saying they are working on it, idk what “working on it” consists of because I’ve had BAT sitting in my browser and getting “paid out” each cycle and that is reflected in my browser in the rewards section but nothing ever goes to uphold and it hasn’t worked in over a year now. I really wish that we were able to simply choose WHERE we want to send our rewards to instead of uphold because I don’t use uphold for ANYTHING at all ever. I mean, Brave has a wallet BUILT IN that I’ve used for ETH mining payouts with zero problem whatsoever and there is a BAT wallet in that system as well but it’s not being used for the rewards program.

The main reason that I used brave was because I appreciate privacy and I found BAT to be a very interesting way for us to get SOMETHING back for our time that we are typically forced against our will to watch corporations’ crappy ad campaigns, at least this way we are being compensated for our time and wasted data. Anyhow, I hope that you’re able to get your situation figured out and that Brave allows us to choose where and when and how we use our BAT because not having access to our own money, effectively, defeats the entire purpose of this sort of “freedom from invasion of privacy” and makes me thing that there’s a billion dollars of BAT sitting in some account somewhere or maybe it doesn’t even exist and some fat dude in a 10 thousand dollar suit is sipping mai thais on the beach being payed for with our supposed payouts.

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I completely agree with you. Doesn’t make sense that you have to use uphold when withdrawing your BAT rewards, when there are a lot of other options. Your dude on the beach theory may be right lol

@JT404 @lkv @Cafeine

I just got all my BAT tokens back! I got a bunch of emails from Uphold saying that I’ve received funds from Brave. I got over 300 tokens back and they were all put into my Uphold wallet. The weird thing is that I still never received a message from any support here or on reddit. So I guess that they are seeing the messages and working on the problems, just not responding back. It took about a month for it to happen, so stay patient. Message that Steeeven person on here and the mods on r/BATProject and r/brave_browser. I don’t know which one finally fixed the problem for me, but I’m glad someone did. I hope you get your tokens back soon!


I just had this same problem an hour ago and am stressed out. Where did you initially report your problem? I want to report the same thing but do not know how to go about it. I am happy to hear your issue got resolved- but seriously! Why only have one company that needs a dna test and my first-born in order to do anything with BAT?

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Haha it’s crazy that uphold is the only option they offer for now and all the info they need from you. I initially sent a dm to steeven. You can find his profile by looking around at other posts and he will sometimes comment on them to offer help. I didn’t hear back from him for a couple weeks, so I sent him another dm. Then I went to Reddit and started messaging Brave mods on their pages.


Same here! I received all my BAT back yesterday together with this month’s payments.

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Glad to hear that they are indeed working on it, I wonder what wound up causing the backup and if we’ll be able to choose which wallet to send our BAT payments to in the future. Good deal though, I’m happy for ya! :smiley:


This morning we deployed a fix that successfully ported stuck BAT for a large number of users to their Uphold wallet. Glad that you received your BAT!


Hi Steeven, I haven’t receive my BATs in uphold. Do you mind checking what is going on? I sent you a PM last week

Yesterday morning we deployed a fix that successfully ported stuck BAT for a large number of users to their Uphold wallet.

It did not resolve the issue for everyone we are attempting a new fix for affected users. Please let me know if your BAT has not successfully ported to your Uphold wallet by Monday evening.

Thank you!

Thanks for the information. In my case, the “stuck” money did not fall into my Uphold wallet. We will wait for the new solution

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Hi @steeven my BATs are not in uphold yet, hopefully a solution will come soon.

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