Identifying rewards from multiple devices


I receive BAT from multiple devices to my Uphold acct. But there is nothing to tell me which device is paying what. My Windows Brave browser that is my main browser is telling me I have no transactions in Feb and Mar even though I have BATs pending. How can I tell which browser is paying what?


I have this issue with multiple accounts I didn’t know I had them and I don’t know how to access my bat rewards or the wallet and brave never gives me any support.

Unless a support person responds to this (which I doubt) my solution to this will be to disconnect all browsers from Uphold and only connect to transfer BATs from the browser. This way I can individually assess the amount from each of the browsers.

Could you please explain how is it possible to disconnect the browser from Uphold?
If I disconnect and then reconnect, can I decide if send BAT in brave browser to the Uphold wallet?

Go to the Rewards page, on the right click on the Wallet Verifed symbol and select Disconnect from Uphold. My understanding is that the BAT will be paid to your browser instead being transferred straight to Uphold, which you can then do at a later time.

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