BAT in my browser wallet not transferring to Uphold

I verified my Uphold account in September of 2020 and all the BAT that I have earned after verification has been placed into my Uphold wallet, but all the BAT that I had earned before the Uphold verification has not transferred to my Uphold wallet and has been sitting in my browser’s wallet for the last 6 months. My browser’s wallet shows that I have 228.792 BAT, but Uphold only shows ~1.723 BAT. I tried to get help for this several months ago but I never received any help.


Same problem and also not received an answer! @steeven

Is not synchronizing too between wallet and rewards shown in the browser.

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Having exactly the same problem here. BATs earned before I verified wallet are still in Browser but current BATs are uploaded to my Uphold account. Er… help please :slight_smile:

Can I please get some help? I’ve been dealing with this issue for half a year now.

Yeah I’ve had this issue for months now. Browser wallet showing significantly more BAT than Uphold. Very annoying.

Hi, I believe that this was due to a bug which has just been found and rectified. The problem should be sorted on next update then all being well your totals from this point onward should go into your Uphold wallet. This was from Steven at Brave.

Performed the upgrading fix given by @steevan got nothing. same old stuck in the browser with pre-march 5th tokens, no passing to uphold, no resumed ads.


The latest update seemed to sync up my Brave Wallet total correctly (t wasn’t adding up previously), however,

  1. It’s still not transferring ty uphold after several disconnects/reconnects
  2. I’m still seeing ads but my ad/bat count has not gone up in over 2 weeks.

Maybe still have to wait until the 5th, that would make sense to me actually

I had the impression that @steeven mentioned that upon diconnect/reconnect it should automatically drain back to uphold. Hopefully it eventually kicks in.

I still don’t know why I’m seeing ads and no ads/bats are accumulating any longer though.

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