Update Didn't Work, Used Safari, Debit Card # Stolen, Download From Site Fixed Problem With Brave

  1. Perhaps after update 0.22.727 possibly from June 3, 2018 my trusty Brave browser opened to a white screen and spinning ball.
  2. I switched back to using Safari most of the time thinking I’d figure out the problem with Brave later.
  3. My debit card # was stolen and used by someone via a London firm.
  4. Just downloaded Brave from Brave.com, put the old version in the trash, opened up the downloaded Brave and my Brave preferences are all okay. Whew.

Unknown whether using Safari for online purchases enabled the theft of my debit card number.

Useful information is that just downloading Brave from Brave.com and installing the downloaded version fixed the problem of the blank white screen.

Reason I didn’t do this before is I didn’t want to lose my Trackers Blocked and Ads Blocked totals. It may sound silly and I thoroughly enjoy seeing those totals.


Hi @ElenaHaskins

So glad the latest from brave.com fixed this for you, we had put in a fix (https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/14370 ) which we were having trouble reproducing but some users were experiencing. Thanks for reporting back!

And it doesn’t sound silly that you didn’t want to lose your blocked totals. Many users are very proud of their stats/totals :smiley: Going to close out this thread, please feel free to open new threads for other issues.


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