BAT wallet issues after restoring wallet


I’ve decided to reformat my computer and in the process, saved all my Brave browser settings before doing so.

After reformatting, I uploaded my backup wallet file and reconnected, however now I’m having a few issues.

  1. I lost more than half the BAT that was previously in my wallet.
  2. When I now click on ads, i’m not given any rewards

Any help would be appreciated, currently running on Mac OSX Catalina.

Wait for the next update to the Brave browser. Please do not reinstall your browser according to developer suggestion. Tap on “About Brave” and check if the edition is 1.16.1 or below.
Wait for 1.16.1 if it’s below.

Im not quite sure im following…

Brave is up to date Version 1.8.95.

Bump. Any help would be appreciated.

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