Browser opens as blank page



There is a greyed out version of Brave labeled as (old) and neither it nor the new colored in version works. They both open a blank page with nothing on it. Does not load anything else.

Every time. Completely unusable

It worked yesterday so I am assuming it has to do with the update.


Same problem here. My post on this topic: Error on yesterday's update

And yes, it started with the update.


im going to assume the devs have no clue why this is happening as they havent said anything. at least lauren got a response form someone but didnt help


Correct, we’re unsure of why its happening. That’s kind of the gig, right?
Issues come up, team diagnosis them and forwards the information to you (the user). Also, we absolutely have “said something”:
Two team members in Laurens thread
Responded here too
Other Socials as well

Please be patient while we do our best to get the issue resolved. @jpal, it would be productive on your end to try anything suggested in any of the threads where this is being reported. That way, if something works for you, you can inform us (and the other users).


That is understandable however be more carefull with updates. We wait :slight_smile:


congrats. i got a response from someone else with the problem before i got one from you guys 5 days later.


You’re using a free product that also comes with free support. We are a small team with many spinning plates. There will be times where posts/topics/replies get lost in the shuffle.

The fact that a Community member responded to you doesn’t mean anything. In fact, its something we lean on a bit. Brave is collaborative by nature. We’re open source so anyone with developer skills can jump in and help create our product. Similarly, we try to facilitate this same type of collaboration here on Community.

Please be respectful when using the form. If you would like to actually request or ask for support, please follow the posting guidelines and work with team (or community) members when troubleshooting.

Thank you.

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