To Brave Team/Staff: at this point, what happened this month (LOTS of profiles flagged. People not knowing why) is not normal. Will there be a formal answer from Brave team/staff? Estimated date for a solution?

Last month earnings? will be definitely lost?
I am still seeing ads in all my browsers, hoping that this inconvenient will be solved.

@JoseLuis you’ll need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at Brave will investigate.

That’s correct. And you’ll continue to see ads unless you shut them off. This was confirmed behavior by Brave.

Nope. Just need to get that ticket in and let them investigate. Usually they are able to get BAT paid out to people if there’s issues.

This was the answer to my ticket some days ago:

J (Brave Software)

Jun 16, 2023, 5:33 AM PDTcts


Thank you for reaching out to Brave Support.

Sometimes your Brave Rewards profiles can be “flagged”. That usually means our systems noticed some irregular activity associated with Brave Ads. “Irregular activity” is activity that would be considered unusual compared to an ordinary person using Brave Ads as part of their overall, everyday browsing experience.

We have reviewed the flag, and your Rewards profiles will not be reinstated. They will remain flagged.

Please note, you can no longer earn with Brave Rewards, but you will still have access to the other great features and benefits built-in to Brave.

Thank you,

Brave Support

My opinion:
I’am flagged too and i have no idea why… yeah, i know that you are not allowed to tell people the reasons why somebody is flagged, that’s how the rules are, but this is sad, and make me consider using another browser instead of Brave, maybe “Presearch”, “Cryptotab” or simply “Chrome”, as in the past, that is almost the same to THIS Brave.

In my humble opinion, the main reason that makes Brave “different” to other Browsers, is having their own tokens, BAT rewards, and paying people for viewing ads, in a simple way.
Security and navigation speed things, nowadays, are almost the same in other browsers. Privacy service… we are common users, common people, we don’t have “Confidential Information” to be protected from the world, and if it where like that, i wouldn’t be sure to use Brave browser to be protected from “bad guys, hackers., etc…”.

Finally, my fully respects to people helping here, “Saoiray” and others i can’t remeber right now, for helping lots of people, all the day, all the time. Sometimes people don’t know that they don’t have to do with this kind of problems, they try to guide to you and be the nexus between users and higher staff level. Some here, don’t know that and get “nervous” about that.

PD. Sorry for my English and sorry if i was disrespectful in any moment, it was never my intention.


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Honestly just miserable using Brave now without having any of the incentive of BAT. It really just seems like a copy+paste response cause I got the exact same reply on my ticket. Love how after a year and so of using Brave, my profile gets flagged and they don’t say anything else other than it won’t be reinstated.

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Your case was escalated and reviewed. We standby the decision made. Thanks!