Brave Ads campaigns discrepancies

I have diverging data about the numbers of campaigns running when checking and when checking Is the latter not showing real-time data?

The first link is showing 20 active ads, while the second link is showing 24.

I am pretty sure the second link gets updated once everyday so that maybe the problem…

I’m using VPN and accumulating lot of BATs :upside_down_face:

Hoolllyy shi

Hmmm, My net can’t handle VPNs anyways.

I’d stop using VPNs if I were you, it can stop you from receiving future BAT if it gets caught by the system. In the FAQs of Brave it specifically says do not use VPNs. Perhaps VPN in your own country is okay, but if it is other countries thats gonna flag it.

  1. What does this has to do with my question ?
  2. Pretty much anybody can alter this section of Brave Rewards to show any value.

:relaxed: Hahaha…

I don’t care,
3 times I lost my whole earnings of my BATs without using VPN after new Updates comes, when I raised my concern Moderater unlisted my post and my post got disappeared from public,
See this example, I lost my 4 BATs last month

That’s actually not correct. You can use a VPN AS LONG AS you use a server that is located in the same region that you are physically located in. That’s to ensure that the ads you see are actually geographically appropriate for you, and that advertisers aren’t paying to show ads to people who can’t buy their products.

However, VPNs can block the automatic refilling of the ads catalog, and you stop seeing ads. There’s a workaround to manually refill the ads catalog, but it has to be done once per day, and depending on your browsing habits, it can be annoying to have to do that every day.

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@talgeeze The total BAT purchases data on the Transparency page is updated only once per day and is a general overview of the company as a whole. The numbers of ads per region are updated only every 2-3 months (notice that the campaign data on that page is current as of 1 June). The regional ads data is updated every 30 minutes for each user’s specific region.

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