Fewer monthly Rewards/BAT than before

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I’ve noticed this for the last 6 months or so, but am only now wanting to check whether this is the new norm because I initially thought it was just a slow month or two, but the amount of BAT I now receive is GREATLY reduced from what it was last year. Am I missing something? Did Brave change it’s arrangement with users without my hearing about it? I thought the whole concept was for users to get a FAIR share of ad revenue, but it now seems negligible. There are of course other browsers available offering security and privacy etc., the main reason I opted for Brave in the first place, but the advantage it had over others was its rewards scheme. If this has now been compromised out of greed, then that is indeed a sad state of affairs and perhaps enough reason itself for me to review loyalties. I may of course be totally wrong and it is in fact the current state of the market, but I have not heard otherwise. Does anyone have any insight? My advanced thanks!

@Simxn Do me a favor and check out PSA: BAT Ad Prices Explained (kind of) and see if that answers it for you at all.

Also want to remind you that you can go to https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ which, when it works, will show you how many campaigns are in your area. It also goes further to show what type of ad it is, what operating systems it can show on, the maximum amount of times you can see ads from that campaign, when the campaigns started, etc.

What gets people confused a lot of times is they’ll see something like:

They automatically think that’s 23 campaigns and more than 139 types of ads in those campaigns. So they should be getting plenty, right? However, that’s not showing all the ads YOU can see on your device. Such as I’m on Desktop, but here’s a couple campaigns displayed:

That’s one campaign for iOS only and one for Android only. So I wouldn’t be able to see ads from those campaigns.

Other issue is view limits and timeframe. Example:

That campaign is all OS. But the campaign started on April 15, 2021 and ends May 28, 2023. So this campaign has been going on for more than 2 years!! Other thing is the view limits are: 1 / — / — / 6. This is Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Total. So this is telling us ads from that campaign can be seen once per day, for a maximum of 6 times. Once you see those ads 6 times, you can’t see or earn from it again. So have to consider that campaign gone.

When we first start using Rewards, we often are able to gain from some of these older campaigns and all. So it starts off strong. But then as we hit the view limits for campaigns, numbers can dwindle. Amount we earn will always fluctuate, especially as ad economy and BAT prices change.

Italy, in the transparency page it shows 17 campaigns, but when i check Sampson catalog, there are none.

That may be the reason why Notification Ads are not being shown?

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Thank you Saoiray, that’s very informative and appreciated!

I would add, the value per ad has dropped off a cliff though.

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