Unable to sync Ubuntu Brave with Android brave

Description of the issue:
I’ve recently installed Brave on both Android and Ubuntu and attempted to two syncing the bookmarks without success

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
Upon completing the installation on the desktop, I clicked on the Sync Setting and paired with the Android version by scanning the proposed QR code.
I waited for about a couple of hours without success.
The sync doesn’t take place irrespective the sync data on the mobile is on (something that was proposed in re-opening the app).
The funny thing is that if I try to “add an account”, Brave is not listed and I’m not sure even it should.

In searching over the community I also followed the suggestion given here with no success.

Interestingly, the central part of the screen where that journal with a scrollbar appears, constantly return a GetUpdates Response: Received 0 update(s).

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
No data sync

Expected result:
Data, bookmark and history to be sync

Reproduces how often:

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Ubuntu and Android (OPPO Color OS)

@andreamoro I’m going to ask some questions, verify details, and maybe offer a suggestion or two while waiting to hear back. First thing:

You answered about OS, but what about which version of Brave on both?

You mean to have selected Sync Everything or at least selected what you want to be synced on both devices? You have to go to the settings and choose it on both or it won’t sync. (clarifying as in past some will choose Sync Everything from one device but not do it on the other)

Ah, or were you referencing the brave://sync-internals suggestion I made to other person? Where then you hit Disable Sync (Clear Data)?

I’m going to tag @Mattches on this to even ask if ColorOS is supported? I know ColorOS is built on Android Open Source, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge. I do know in general when it’s come to things like Rewards and all, Custom OS and Virtual PC type of things aren’t supported. So yeah, this message mainly for him to see and advise if there could be any types of conflict because of it.

You answered about OS, but what about which version of Brave on both?

I just downloaded yesterday on Ubuntu, and today on Android. So the version is the latest.
On Android is 1.46.154. On Ubuntu is 1.47.171.

were you referencing the brave://sync-internals

Yes that one for the sync-internal. I did try even to clean, with no success as I said

You mean to have selected Sync Everything

As for the sync settings, I’ve enabled bookmark and settings on Android. It was only bookmark on the mobile. Now it’s both. I don’t see why the missing pairing could have caused the issue, but now they are mirrored.

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It’s because each has to share in order for information to be swapped. If device 1 says “give me your info” but device 2 says “I don’t want to share,” then they are kind of screwed and nothing is going to be shared. One being willing to share means nothing if it’s not reciprocated.

I understand the logic, but I would have expected a sync for what it would have been enabled, the bookmarks at least.
I will be checking again tomorrow in the hope of some joy.

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