Cannot setup sync between Mac (Brave beta) and Android

Description of the issue:

Due to missing UI I cannot setup a sync between Brave (beta) on Mac and Brave on Android.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

Install latest Brave beta Version 1.12.98 Chromium: 84.0.4147.89 (Offizieller Build) beta (64-Bit) on Mac OS 10.14.6, install latest Brave from the Google Play Store on Android 8.0 (Samsung Galaxy S7).

Optional step on Mac: Import settings from Google Chrome.

On Mac I go to Settings > Sync > Add new device > mobile. The QR code is shown.

On Android, I go to Settings > Sync > add another device > Computer

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

It only shows me the code of the mobile (with tab selection of QR code and code words), but no option to scan the QR code. On both sides only the their own codes are shown but no option to add the other side…

The same problem is described here, but the thread has been closed: Not being able to add sync devices

Expected result:

Let me scan the QR code from my desktop, then sync.

Reproduces how often:

The first time, the QR scanner was shown, but the result was that sync was not setup. Afterwards, I never get the QR scanner any more.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

See above.

Additional Information:

Latest official stable Brave version on Mac OS does not support syncing at all. No “Sync” option in settings.

It would be great to get a reply so that I can switch to Brave eventually.

Sync v2 is coming. When it’s available on stable release, you’ll need to create new sync chain.

Which I believe v2 should fix your issue too.

Also, my reply is still same like the one in the thread linked above.

" Sync v2 is now available in Nightly, Developer and Beta builds at this time"

Then there is a bug in Sync v2, because “Scan or enter your sync code” is missing under “Settings -> Sync”, at least in the latest Mac OS Desktop beta.

In the Android beta, the app crashes after the first scanning of a code. Afterwards, it crashes each time I select “Synchronization”

This (button) is for mobile.

For desktop, you should see this :point_down:

I’m pretty sure because the Android is not have Sync v2, yet. Since the latest Beta for Android (available from PS) is still 1.11.x and v2 is available from 1.12.x

With the latest beta (Mac and Android) the Sync works great! The only thing I miss: my open tabs are not synced or grouped by device (as used to from Chrome) in any direction.

Anyway, this is a big step forward for mobile browsing. Thank you for offering this software to everyone for free!

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Awesome! Thank for the update @Andi1.
Glad it’s working well on your end.

You should see your opened tabs in your Menu > Recent tabs on Android and Menu > History for desktop.

On my mobile, “Recent tabs” only shows the recently closed tabs for this device, and then I can click “history” which does not show any sites from my Desktop and does not show any group for my Desktop device.
On the desktop, there is only a history (like in Chrome), but there, the device grouping is missing, too. I’d like to see the currently open sites on any device in my sync chain.

Additionally, my passwords (imported from Chrome on the Desktop) are not synced to my mobile device. All passwords are missing.

In Chrome, there is a special URL for tabs: chrome://history/syncedTabs - in Brave, this URL shows the same content as chrome://history

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This is what I see on desktop. But it seems there’s an open issues regarding tab sync.

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