Sync options - Wrong settings android

My phone set up options for sync are wrong and I am not able to see bookmarks from my desktop on my mobile and vice versa:

Phone Model : Huawei P30
Brave Version on my phone : Brave 1.23.76 which is different from that I have on my desktop ( Brave Version 1.24.82

I expect that I will be able to see those bookmarks on my phone.
I choose sync only bookmarks and when I do check in my phone those settings it is inform me that:
''Sync isn’t working
We detected that you have Brave Sync enabled, however your system sync is turned off and will not allow Brave to sync.
Press to open settings.
After that I have no idea what to do because phone show me ‘General Options’

Could someone help me with writing me options that I need to choose in my phone, please?

Thank you

I have exactly the same issue. I can’t find the specific location in settings to permit Brave to sync.
Can anyone help?

Hi there @Hanna4, welcome to community :smiley:

You might want to update your version of Brave on your phone and desktop.
Also consider disabling the sync chain and enabling it again to see if that will resolve your issue. See for reference →

Salty :banana:

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Hi @SaltyBanana, I am happy to be one of you.

I do appreciate your time and support that you offer to me by writing me about your experience .
I did Update Version of Brave on my phone first, then I clicked link that you send it to me and I restore all connections and I set up again both , smartphone and computer .
Choosing that I want to Sync only Bookmarks and I found how to in Setting on my phone click Auto-Sync as a System -Sync.
I restarted my phone , check bookmarks and I have those from computer and from phone on both devices.

Thank you,

Have a great day and maybe add some caramel or nuts to your :banana: :slight_smile:


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Hi @Hanna4,

Happy to help :smiley:

Happy browsing,
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