Sync not working from Desktop (Windows) -> Mobile (Android)


I’m having difficulty to sync my desktop Brave to mobile.
On a desktop I use PC. Brave version is v 0.70.123
On mobile, I installed the latest Brave version from Play Store. My mobile is One Plus 5T
The Android version is 9.
The phone is also using OxygenOs version 9.0.9.

I have all my data (bookmarks and passwords) on my desktop. I would like them to sync with my phone but I am not able to do that. I have uninstalled and installed Brave from mobile a few times.

From the desktop, I see this view under sync:
From the mobile, I see this view under sync:

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the help!

I’m having the same issue. I successfully imported my settings/passwords/ etc. On the desktop browser, but on my phone, I only got the bookmarks.

Hi @Mrhodler, unfortunately, you are affected by a bug we are currently addressing:

where your two devices have conflicting device ids. I recommend that you

  1. Backup your bookmarks just to be safe:
  2. Go to brave://sync on both devices and “Leave Sync Chain”
  3. Start a new sync chain on your desktop device, finish setting it up and give it about 15 minutes to sync
  4. Re join the sync chain on your mobile device

Hi @Brandonsmerry unfortunately right now, only bookmarks sync. We are hoping to add password sync in the near future.

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