Two sets of backup words link to the same wallet

Yesterday I got a notification to backup my wallet even though I had originally loaded in a BTC wallet from Muon so my key was safe. I ignored it and got the notification today, so I decided to back up the key anyway and found that the words were now different from what I had used previously.

I recorded the new words, and recovered my wallet using the old words. This not only worked, but the backup for the newly recovered wallet was still the same set of new words. I’ve loaded back in the set of words that is displayed rather than my original set in case it matters, but I’m curious why two sets are for the same wallet.

Did something change with how the backups are done and my first set of words is just an old format or is there a collision? Why did I get the notification to backup my wallet?

I was on the previous version of brave yesterday, but updated today and still had the same notification and difference in sets of words and was when I noticed the issue. Version 0.60.48 Chromium: 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

No response on this from anyone on the Brave team I guess?

If backup word derivation changed that’s fine, but nowhere in the browser was that made clear and a response would be greatly appreciated. And if backup word derivation hasn’t changed then it feels like my post is bringing to light a very problematic issue, especially for end users with no experience in crypto.

@Chugwig, sorry for the delay in response.
cc @chriscat for this if he’s still around. If not I’ll reach out to Rewards team and see what I can find out.
Thank you for your patience.

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All good @Mattches I assumed it probably just needed a bump.

Looking forward to whatever answers you guys can come up with, and take your time :slight_smile:! As long as I know the problem has been seen and is being looked into I’m happy!

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The mnemonics we use in Muon and Core are different, as you observed. I believe they may even be of a different length, but are equivalent (i.e., resolve to the same private key).

In brief, these phrases are derived from the same private key. These private keys can be transformed into different (but equivalent) phrases depending on the protocol.

Muon used a Niceware passphrase, whereas Core uses a BIP39 keyphrase.



Awesome, thanks for the answer! I imagined it had to do with my wallet being an original from the BTC POC days, but wanted to be sure there weren’t any issues.

Keep up the great work Brave team!