Restoring old wallet-24 keywords error

I stored my 24 words key, but now I need to recovery into same PC, just reinstalled my windows. When i enter into “brave rewards” icon → “manage your wallet” (gear icon) → Restore
and paste my 24 words, the system came back with message:
“Please re-enter keys or try different keys.”

I don’t have different keys… just those 24 that I saved when I create the reward wallet.

What am i doing wrong?

I’ve tried entering the words in manually and copying and pasting the words.
I’ve tried the recovery more than once.
And I don’t have access to old computer since I’m trying restore on same PC with fresh OS.

Put a gap/space between the words. Are you sure that you made no mistake while writing down the words?

I just checked my rewards stuff, and I do not get the option to back up my wallet. It is just empty. There are no 24 words. Did they turn off the whole feature? Afaik, currently the only way to back up your wallet is through linking with uphold/gemini or copying your entire brave profile folder from windows file explorer.

Edit:- They removed the feature How to restore Brave Verified Wallet after changing the PC. It works for previous users who already got the code, but new users/browsers do not have the backup 24 words.

Also, it seems even if restore your wallet by the 24 words, you will only get the pending rewards and not the claimed rewards. So, if you had 20 BAt claimed and 3 pending, restoring the wallet, will only get you those 3 BAT.

Hi, thanks for your reply mate.

I did put a gap between the words and double checked for spelling mistakes.
Yes, it seems that they have removed the feature for backup with recovery phrase.
Although my recovery phrase is giving me error message, I have it written by hand and on pc in text… seems I’m saying goodbye with my BAT

This might help. It looks like you may lose what you currently have in the wallet by restoring(see last paragraph). Kind of seems pointless if you are going to lose whatever you have anyway. It doesn’t really specify, maybe that is the “new” wallet that loses whatever it has and the “old” brings the balance over. You might want to DM a moderator to clarify/confirm. Sometimes the Help Center topics are not as clear or current as they could be.

Source Brave Wallet FAQ

When I restored my old recovery words, I got a different address than in the old Crypto Wallets

Early versions of the deprecated Crypto Wallets extension used 24-words and were not BIP39 compliant. This was fixed later on for compatibility with other wallets to be compliant with BIP39.

If you have 24-words and you are restoring your wallet, then a checkbox will appear to use the legacy Brave method.

You should use that checkbox to get back at the same address as your old Crypto Wallets account.

For reference, the difference is:

  • 24 words → entropy and use entropy as seed
  • Bip39: Valid mnemonic words->entropy->PBKDF2-HMAC-Sha256 and use that as seed

If you used the wrong method, simply restore on top again. Please remember if you are restoring you will replace and lose what your wallet currently has. You can restore from the lock screen on the wallet panel or in brave://wallet .

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