24 phrase wallet back up error

Good day Brave users this will be the first time I posted something in this community.
My problem was I had a new laptop because my old one was sold already so I backed up my wallet using the 24 phrase of words that brave told me to save and back up so that when I install a New Brave browser in my new laptop I can just restore my BAT Balance. The problem was when I have successfully installed the new Brave browser and I restore my wallet using the exact phrase that Brave gave me it simply displays this “Please re-enter keys or try different keys”.

I have manually typed it, and tried the copy paste from my pc but it still wont work. Hoping to get some response from the Masters here. Thank you!

i have same problem and i dont think that they can help i think backup system has some bug hi was only backup my bookmark etc. not my balance so i research it and i found that this bug or what ever it is its before also

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