Backup Phrase Not Accepted

I had to reinstall Brave because it was no longer serving ads even though I had everything correctly set to receive them, they just stopped coming.

Read a few posts here and there and it said to make sure Brave had notifications turned on in the Windows Notifications center. When I went to check this I noticed that Brave was no longer listed and that apparently if you remove the shortcut or something it removes it from the notification center or something along those lines.

Regardless, my primary issue is that I am using my backup phrase to restore my wallet(because i had a nice balance and almost was able to finally verify) and I get the following error:

“Please re-enter keys or try different keys.”

I entered my back up phrase probably 10 times now and I get the same error message. What is the point if I can not restore my wallet?

Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you.

If this exact issue has been covered I would appreciate a link as I did not find anything.

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Hey @neubtrino ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Unfortunately, the backup and restore feature of wallets are not supported.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


This is fairly troubling to be honest. My brave rewards gave me a secret recovery phrase that is basically useless. Everyone is perfectly okay with this?

also, thanks for the quick reply.

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This issue is being worked upon to improve the user experience :smiley:


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I suppose that is a good thing, but what happen to the BAT that I earned previously? I reinstalled Brave on the same machine. Surely there is a way to retrieve the BAT that I earned?

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