New Wallet adress after reinstalling Brave and using Recovery Seed Phrase

Good morning,
after trying to connect my brave wallet to the Immutable X marketplace and it constantly crashing the brave browser, i tried reinstalling it.
But when i used the seed phrase to recover my brave wallet it now had a different wallet adress. I now can’t claim rewards on the IMX marketplace because it is linked to your wallet and doesn’t recognize the new adress.

Did you use 24 words legacy seed phrase?

yes the one i got when first opening the wallet

I solved it. I had to check the “import legacy wallet” when recovering the wallet. Thanks for the reply though.

It appears once you paste in your seed phrase.

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I don’t have 24 words legacy seed but I am just curious if you backup your Brave Wallet now, do you get a 12 Words seed phrase or is it same 24 words legacy seed phrase?

The Immutable X crash fix was just released in a hotfix (1.32.113) by the way.