Brave Wallet canto be restored

hello, i have a question, if my brave cryptocurrency wallet is logged in on another device, can it be restored? if i can’t restore it does it mean it was stolen?

all you need to restore is the seed words, no matter if another brave install is already using it. both will continue to work.

entering all the initial words and the new password, an error is displayed that the wallet cannot be restored, I do not understand what it is about, I entered the words with lowercase letters, with uppercase letters, with opponents and without commas.

Can somone reply? I still can not do that…

cc @sampson @Mattches

A few questions here — first, are you able to just copy the seed phrase instead of typing it in? If so I’d highly recommend doing that as it limits the possibility for errors/typos.

Additionally, can you please ensure that the words are only separated by spaces? There should be no leading/trailing tabs, spaces before or after the phrase, etc.

Lastly, can you tell me if your seed phrase is 12 or 24 words?

No, i can not copy and paste that, i can just write, and i ve only 11 Words.

And i dont forgott any Words, I wrote these words 3 times on 3 different pieces of paper

no wallet I’m aware of uses only 11 seed words, any chance you combined two words?

No, no chance to combine this world’s i can give you this world’s, if you find this Word you can keep this Wallet, im sure i dont forgott any Word.

just a thought, the only other option is you missed a word.

No bro, i dont lost any Word, im sure, same problem i ve with meta mask but there i ve photos of this words

that simply isn’t an option. 12 or 24 seed words. always, period.

Ok then i leave here this 11 words and Who find this one word can keep this Wallet

Words: Allow, Puzzle, Tide, Pull, Unique, Tape, Eternal, Recall, Toy, Walnut, Wage

Thanks, you can close this temat.

If your seed phrase is still logged in on the other device you can recover the seed phrase from the wallet by typing brave://wallet/crypto/backup-wallet/explain-recovery-phrase on desktop or by visiting the wallet → “accounts” tab → “back up now” button and entering your password. At this point, you should be able to view your seed phrase from the device that still is logged in on.

Also, once you’ve recovered it from this device I’d suggest moving all funds away from the seed phrase. By posting 11 of the 12 words you’ve not significantly reduced the cryptographic security of your seed phrase.

Unfortunately, I do not have the option to enter this wallet because I restored factory settings on the phone, I only used this device.

I just came across someone who’s created a tool that may be able to recover your seed phrase.

If you’re technically inclined this tool may help you recover the 12th word. To run this you’d need to do the following:

  1. download the tool from Github
  2. run npm run setup
  3. run npm run build
  4. run npm run serve
  5. visit in a browser
  6. enter all of the words you have in all lowercase with no commas
  7. enter the first wallet address you believe is associated with this seed phrase

This should be able to brute force the final word for you. I’ve done a quick inspection of the code to make sure it’s not doing anything malicious and the author is a well known developer within the Ethereum community.

We won’t be able to run this for you unfortunately as that would require you to provide us with a seed phrase which Brave will never ask you for. Additionally, you should not trust someone that provides you with a link to a page that runs this web page. It should only be ran locally using the instructions provided above.

With that said, I just tried modifying it to check the wallet address against the balance reported by and wasn’t able to find anything. I’m not sure their API was behaving as I expected, but based on what I saw you’re missing more than a single word. Maybe it will behave differently if you run it locally.

Hopefully that will help you recover the seed phrase.

You’re the boss, thank you, as soon as I have time, I’ll try to get that wallet back.

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