Restore wallet on second computer

How can this issue be reproduced?
Restore using 24-word phrase to second computer.

Brave Version (check About Brave):
[1.34.81 Chromium: 97.0.4692.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Additional Information:
Restored Brave wallet using 24 word phrase on second computer. Account restores with different primary account number. Backing up either account gives the same 24-word phrase. Why is the account number different?

Each browser/device has its own. They don’t just roll it all together. Essentially what you did was sync another device. I believe you’ll see old computer and new if you check under the Sync menu

So it literally doesn’t act like any other crypto wallet. I’m not talking about Rewards here, where your explanation might make sense. I’m talking about the actual crypto wallet. What good is restoration if one computer dies? Even with the phrase, all I am doing is creating a different wallet with no connection to the previous incarnation. I will look into this sync thing (first I’ve heard of it), but it feels like Brave just has its own paradigm here.

What happens if I uninstall Brave and reinstall it on the same computer, and then restore the wallet? Will I get the original wallet address back?

@Big_Jerry okay, yeah, I was misunderstanding. There is actually an article about this in the FAQ. I’ll quote it below and then follow it with a link. If you need more information beyond that, you’ll want to DM @steeven or one of the other staff members. I’m especially not sure how it works if you’ve already used the code and generated another wallet.

When I restored my old recovery words, I got a different address than in the old Crypto Wallets

Early versions of the deprecated Crypto Wallets extension used 24-words and were not BIP39 compliant. This was fixed later on for compatibility with other wallets to be compliant with BIP39.

If you have 24-words and you are restoring your wallet, then a checkbox will appear to use the legacy Brave method.

You should use that checkbox to get back at the same address as your old Crypto Wallets account.

For reference, the difference is:

  • 24 words → entropy and use entropy as seed
  • Bip39: Valid mnemonic words->entropy->PBKDF2-HMAC-Sha256 and use that as seed

If you used the wrong method, simply restore on top again. Please remember if you are restoring you will replace and lose what your wallet currently has. You can restore from the lock screen on the wallet panel or in brave://wallet .

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Thanks for replying on this, I am still having problems transferring ETH out of the Brave wallet (I posted a few days ago about this). I simply want to get the money back out into a wallet that’s usable (Brave wasn’t supported for an NFT project I was trying to mint). All it does is eat gas fees when I try to transfer from Brave to a Metamask address. Transaction shows up in Brave as ‘Submitted’ but never appears in EtherScan.

ANy suggestions? I also have a Trezor wallet if it’s possible to like “import” Brave’s into that.

Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to provide.

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