Lost wallet in previous OS install

So a looong time ago when I first setup brave I had windows on my machine and when I created my local wallet I did not bother to write down the 12 word pass code thing, because i did not know what it was really and did not have the patience to read about it. Many months later I starting getting into crypto and forgot the fact that the brave local wallet had a 12 word key thing that I had not written down any where. I assumed it was just password protected like most things are on the interwebs! For about a month I was mining ETH into that wallet… then microsoft released and update that caused my windows installation to be unable to boot… Now I’ve installed linux because I’ve had it with windows… But brave wants this pass phrase thing to restore my wallet… Which I dont have… but my dead windows has it somewhere… How can I let my linux install of brave use the same datafiles that windows was using in order to restore my wallet access?

or… if I reinstall windows… and then run brave (without reinstalling brave) will I have access??

Can anyone atleast tell me which files brave stores the encrypted wallet and such in? that way i can move them off my old partition?

I can check and confirm for you, but I’m confident that, unfortunately, there is no way to do this. That is the purpose of the backup phrase – so that you (and only you) can gain/regain access to your data. Additionally, the browser informs you about the exact nature of the phrase during install to emphasize it’s importance:

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