Two Browsers but different wallets

Hey guys,

I have Brave browser on two different laptops (both macs) - one laptop / browser has BAT in the wallet. However, it doesn’t reflect when i log into my other laptop. How do we link the two?

It is even the case if you have more than one person installed on the same browser (e.g. one account with work settings and one account with personal settings). Although there are clear use cases to keep wallets separate, there are surely others where you want to unite them. The latter doesn’t seem possible at the moment.

Hi, @SHEtoshi. You should be able to use the same wallet on multiple browsers by copying the secret code from the one you want to use and using it to “restore” the wallet in the other browser. @Mattches, can you confirm?

Note that this will make the wallet you’re replacing disappear forever if it’s not backed up, so if there’s BAT in the one you’re replacing, don’t do this unless you back it up.

In the Brave with the wallet you want to keep, click the BAT icon in the right of the address bar and then “Rewards Settings” in the resulting pop-down window:

In the resulting tab/window, click the little gear in the upper right of the wallet panel:

In the pop-up, your Recovery Key is displayed. KEEP IT SECRET because anyone can use it to take your BAT the same way you’re doing right now. Under it are three buttons you can use to store the key for use in the other Brave you want to share this wallet. It’s up to you which way you go, but saving it to a thumb drive would probably be best/easiest and presumably more secure than e-mailing it to yourself or printing it.

Close up the wallet stuff on that Brave and take your recovery key to the other computer (or other Brave on the same computer), and open up Brave, repeat the first few steps to get to the Manage Your Wallet window, and click Restore. Paste or import (link just above window) your key in the window in Recovery, click Restore, and you should be good to go.

Again, doing this will destroy the wallet on the second Brave, so if there’s BAT in it you want to keep, don’t do this.


Also see this:

Looks good to me, great support :slight_smile:
@SHEtoshi, please let us know if any of this is unclear or did not work for you.

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