How to: One wallet across multiple browsers on different computers?

I want the ad payments I get to be consolidated to one wallet whether I’m using my desktop or laptop.

Do I wait for Brave Sync to mature further?

Will I run into problems if I restore a primary wallet using the 24 word key across different Brave browsers in the meantime?


I suggest you wait for that feature to be implemented into sync

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Certainly have to agree. Segmented BAT tokens across my numerous computers (and each computers tree of operating systems) gets a little hectic. Is there a plan for a single source or truth, via ‘User Sync’, having a personal ecosystem with keeping in tact the user’s data and privacy? … I know there is a ‘way’, I guess the better question is: Is it on the map, and has a priority & timeline be created?

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OK, at the moment, there’s no automatic sync via the sync function…

But can I use the same wallet via the restore in different Browsers on different Computers or will I run in trouble? This questions was not answered…

I’m wondering the same thing. I have a macbook for work and a pc at home. Can anyone else assist?

I have the same question … I use Brave on 3 computers which all are set to sync. But, 3 separate wallets?

From what I’ve experienced, but I’ve only done it once…
Once you do this, the computer on which you’ve restored the wallet receives the funds and keeps receiving new BAT while the previous one just stops receiving BAT even if ads appear. The estimated earnings gets stuck.
It seems there can only be one instance of the same wallet at the moment. And they consider the previous instance to be unused.

Sync does not include wallet at the moment. It just includes bookmarks…
I run Brave on 4 different computers and I unfortunately have 4 different wallets.

I’d love to have a unique wallet for all my instances… Finger crossed

Hi, don’t use rewards or a wallet, but;
As far as I know, you can make a backup of the wallet. You then play it on the next computer.

If this works, you can do it like this until the sync update.

I am using Brave Browser on three different Notebooks/Systems…
On two of them, I recovered my Seed from the first Notebook.

I get adds on every System and they are worth BAT!
So far so good…
But on 5th every Month, I can collect my earned BAT. The Problem is now: I can only collect on one System. The BAT are going to my Wallet on the System where I collected the BAT. But on the other two Systems, I cant collect the BAT, cause Brave sais, I already collected my BAT. (Thats correct for System 1) But the Problem is, the earned BAT on System 2 and System 3 are gone… Just gone… I tried this two month. So I was watching adds on two of the three Systems for free.

So back to three different wallets:
But then I have a question: Can i withdrawal all three wallets to one address?

Thanks for your Response!