I installed Brave on a second machine, and by default got a new wallet. Can this be right?

Hello Brave Rewards,

I installed Brave on my Mac Mini, then a few hours later on my MacBook Air. The second installation created a new, empty wallet, and told me a reward was available. Is that expected behavior?

What I did was to find the Settings icon, then use the ID code from my Mac Mini, on the grounds that one wallet and one reward per human being seems the most likely expectation.

If it’s supposed to be one wallet per browser install, though, let me know!

Hello @twykgs welcome to the Brave community. My opinion is that if you are browsing with both devices you would want two wallets . The Key (ID code) should be kept in a safe place in case of recovery or migrating . However I am unsure if one wallet can be spread over multiple devices. @Mattches could comment on this. Enjoy Brave and explore the search on this site as it is very useful .

Suppose I have two wallets. Suppose I buy 100 BAT. Which wallet should I put them in? Do I need to forecast my website browsing on a per-browser basis?

Search returned this closed topic from 2017, and another from 2016, where the responses were “sync is on the way.”

Maybe sync being on the roadmap in 2017 is evidence that the intent is a single wallet for multiple browsers, but maybe being offered a new wallet by default in 2018 is evidence that sync was re-considered. :man_shrugging:

@twykgs that question required a little thought on my part. I was assuming that you where claiming free BAT’s. Currently the wallets are unidirectional and have the ability to tip specifically or include / exclude sites based on preference . Payments are based percentages of attention on the individual sites. So as long as there are Bat’s in your wallet it would not matter from which device you browsed your preferred sites. While I personally support the block chain technology as the future; I am waiting for the ability to fund a wallet by more traditional means. There is work being done for different funding options and the wallets being two way. Brave has a lot of moving parts and participation is the best way to support Brave. Thank you for yours. :sunglasses:

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Hi @twykgs @kbounds56

This one may can help https://brave.com/faq-rewards/#brave-personas

For now, if you install Brave on different devices, it’ll have different personas. The team is working on sync feature that will have ability to sync the wallet so users can have one persona across devices.


Hi Eljuno,
That last answer, that “the team is working on it”, well, it’s been said before. I, too, have multiple machines and need very much to sync my profile — everything, not only the brave payments wallet, but the wallet is the part that itches the most…
Could you lean on the managers and have this given a priority?
Thank you,

That last step,

Is not necessary. I say this because both Rewards and Sync are already the highest priority. These projects have both been massive undertakings and we’re still pushing are way through them. Rest assured that these will be the next “big” things you see rolled out on our end.

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That’s super to hear. Thanks for doing this worthy project.