Confusion about using Brave on multiple computers

Greetings guys,
I’ve gone through the setup process on my work laptop, and when I installed Brave on my home laptop, I was expecting to have some way of identifying myself so I could use the same ‘account’ and accumulate rewards in a single pool. However, on my home laptop everything starts from zero and I cannot find a way to log myself in.
Is there a solution? Or do I need separate a account/wallet for each device on which I use Brave?
Thanks for the clarification.

As far as I know, each browser will make its local wallet when the rewards thing is activated.
Perhaps “sync” will also synchronize rewards in the future but not yet.
Currently you would have to use an online custodial wallet to “aggregate” them, one of Uphold or Gemini for now, perhaps more will be added in the future.
Note that both of them will require registration and providing extensive personal detail to fulfill the “KYC” legal requirement.

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thanks for this, I will follow the advice and post back with results.

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