Same uphold acct for different desktop devices?

I have BRAVE on my Windows 10 thats is connected to an Uphold acct. If I install BRAVE on my Mac, will I be able to connect it to the same Uphold account? Will Brave send monthly earned BAT from both desktop devices to the same Uphold account?

No, you will not get anything,

Brave has very poor services in this regard

Thx. So you cant connect a second Brave browser to Uphold or Brave will only push BAT from one browser?

You can @nocturnian. But only up to 3 browsers.

Thx @eljuno So 3 different browsers can pay BAT into the same Uphold account? Or do I need to create 2 additioinal Uphold accounts?

This one @nocturnian :point_up:

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Hi @eljuno , so May 5 was the BAT payment date. I currently have 2 browsers, one Mac and one Windows and both point to the same Uphold account. Payment from the Windows browser went into my Uphold account. However, no payments from the Mac browser account even though the April BAT were decremented from pending rewards balance. Any thoughts?

Further, I noticed that the Brave Rewards Wallet Activity has no content for any of the months, including March when I earned some BAT from my Windows browser

@eljuno Pls ignore earlier message. Spoke too soon. The 2nd browser was paid half hour ago. 15hrs after the first browser.

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Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation and glad it works for you @nocturnian.

There’s an issue with the payout process, so maybe that’s why your second payout got delayed.

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