Creating New Brave Rewards Wallet

When I initially downloaded Brave browser I had shared the seed phrase with one person. We both have the same Brave Rewards Wallet on our computers. I noticed that every month the BAT rewards would be the lower amount of ads watched between our two computers. How do I create a new wallet so that we each have separate seed phrases/private keys for each of our accounts?

I tried to uninstall Brave, and then reinstall it, but it keeps the same seed phrase/private key as the old account when I reinstall Brave browser.

If you uninstall Brave and then remove all data from your machine, you should start fresh with a new wallet. Can you tell me what OS you’re using?

Thank you for your quick reply. I’m using macOS majave on the computer I’m trying to get rid of it with. Do you know how to remove all the data pertaining to Brave for a mac? I tried uninstalling and emptying the trash with no luck.

On you machine:

  1. Go to Finder --> Applications and trash
  2. Go to Finder --> Library --> Application Support --> BraveSoftware and trash this directory.
  3. Trash the Brave icon
  4. Empty trash
  5. Re-download the browser and launch

Let me know if this works for you.

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It worked! Thank you so much for the help!

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