Use same wallet for phone and Desktop

This issue Two Browsers but different wallets describes a process to share a wallet across browsers. But the procedure does not work for Android phones, because there is no Wallet backup/restore option on the relevant screen. Some 6 month old posts say that this is “coming”. Some other posts suggest that sync will do this although the description of sync seems very different than sharing a wallet.

Is there a roadmap for features like wallet/backup restore on Android?

We’re working on implementing the backup/restore wallet feature on Android devices presently and hope to have this available as soon as possible.

OK. As an aside, the ability to share a wallet SHOULD probably be part of sync, and not follow this whole work-around process to backup then restore to a different browser.

We’re very aware of that and intend to add wallet/ledger data to list of “Syncable” information in future releases.

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