Brave browser multiple browser profiles and bat on each of them


I have created different profiles on 1 desktop in brave and now i have bat in each of those profiles but from what i understand, we only get the bat from 3 profiles at the most. ( is that true?)

this has been confusing.

how do i get the bat out of all the profiles now?

Hi @bechtel.jason, Welcome to Community!
If you want to move your BAT, you need to link your Brave Rewards Wallet to an Uphold account. The limit is 3 wallets, so if you have 3 profiles then all 3 wallets can be linked to Uphold. Be sure to KYC your Uphold account.
Go to brave://rewards/, and click on verify wallet next to your wallet balance.

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Can we disconnect it with previous wallet and can we connect with new wallet? Is this possible?

At the moment in time, you cannot replace old wallets with new ones.

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