Transfer EARNED brave rewards to brave wallet

please allow us to transfer brave rewards to brave wallet


Yes, please add this to the Brave wallet - it just makes sense.


Yes I strongly support this view


I support this resolution… it’ a valid point


It’s not possible directly. The only way is to transfer to Uphold or Gemini and then from there to the Brave Wallet.

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Yes please add this fonctionality !


I can’t withdraw “my” rewards from the browser to my own wallet, what a great joke brave! In previous versions, the browser gave me the keywords so as not to lose said property gained with my attention, do not be scammers!


It makes sense to do this!


YES!, this would be an amazing improvement.


I agree as i just unlinked my Gemini account from my brave wallet i don’t trust them. Make the crypto we earn ours and not some exchange that can pull the plug anytime they want. Like when FTX was filling for bankruptcy Gemini stopped all withdraws. They had trouble paying people their interest rates from the earn program. Uphold can’t be trusted either as they have just taken brave funds from people and banned them without prior notice. Give us the power to put the crypto in our own hands. I understand you need to KYC to pay people out… i wouldn’t mind Doing a KYC to get brave tokens directly into my brave wallet. BInance would also be great if that is possible as CZ is a great person that really wants crypto to shine.


Make it happen! Brendan you created JavaScript…this should be easy :wink:


yeas i aggre my earning rewads not send up hold plse get chance send brv reward to brave wallet


yes please allow to transfer brave rewards to brave wallet. I have lost over 2000 BAT through uphold and can no longer use that account simply because I signed up to link an account for my business website and sign up an account for my personal use. I wanted to have brave ads on my website and that’s all working but the earnings I receive just vanish into thin air into an uphold account I can’t use anymore as they don’t allow multiple accounts. I tried to close my personal account but instead they closed off my business account. so its frustrating and this is what gives brave I think a bad wrap. “there is no free earning method to get from brave when it gets stolen away by other places that brave developers currently support” and thus it just feels like one big scam. Get rid of uphold an make option to pay into brave wallet and hopefully I can start over again.


The crypto world is loosing the battle and the whole point of it. Soon we wont be able to hide what color our underpants is without some government/company NEED to know or else you will be criminal in their eyes.
Please enable hardware wallets to connect for our BAT coins.


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