Brave rewards deposited into Brave wallet instead of Uphold

Description of the issue: No issue, just a question/suggestion

Are you using the (new) [Brave Wallet] I would like to

How can this issue be reproduced? N/A

Brave Version (check About Brave): v1.49.132

Apologies if this has been asked/suggested in the previously. I would like to know if it was possible to have Brave rewards sent to my Brave wallet instead of Uphold

not possible, unlikely to ever be possible given the laws around crypto and money transfers. some custodian will most likely always be required.

I believe there are plans for creator tips to eventually go to the brave wallet directly.

As @lowner already mentioned, in short it is because of government and financial regulations around the world which are stopping this from happening, legally.

Thank you, it makes sense, it’s just too bad we have to pay a middle-man to transfer BAT. But I understand.

I appreciate the quick response

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it isn’t ideal that’s for sure. I can say that I have never had any issues with uphold and the fees for transferring bat on chain have been reasonable overall, usually amounting to a few dollars.

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