How can i transfer my BAT tokens to my Brave wallet?

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I have i question about the brave wallet. How can i transfer my BAT tokens to my Brave Wallet? I was looking around and couldent finde a solution. Is it mabe not possible?

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Not possible at the moment. You can though if connect to Uphold / Gemini and then send to Brave wallet.

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what should i do i dont have location availability for uphold nor gemini ?? any suggestion to connect Uphold/Gemini ?? and send my bat tokens to brave wallet

No. If your region is not supported, there’s simply nothing you can do.

Sending to Brave Wallet can’t be done either.

If Brave were truly brave, they would defy the financial hegemon and allow us to receive our funds privately and not force us to dox ourselves to centralized exchanges.

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That’s not how this world works, buddy. You can’t go and take chances when you wanna be a legit business. Not to ever fiddle when it comes to government rules & regulations.
Even if they did what you refer to, it would have been dumb and would end pretty soon cause of finance regulations and stuff, isn’t worth it. So maybe just get rewards for what a month or something and then having to close down because of governments or is following rules by governments and being able to be in business without much hassles is better ?

Did someone tried out

Impossible. this is a common commercial trick. I had a uphold wallet. But they closed my account when I tried to withdraw my BAT rewards. For many people, it is a dead end and disgusting. I already back to Google Chrome. Brave is neither brave nor honesty. Also I quit Brave wallet too.

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How can you create a browser with a reward system, have a wallet and you can’t even transfer your earnings? It’s hard to believe that the engineers at Brave think before they do things.


@Yakalala Click on links below and read them all. They answer your question. They did think it through. You just don’t understand things well.


I sent my brave out of uphold many times no issues. I only stopped because i swtiched to gemini because fees were lower

Good for you. But you can see there are many users complain they could not transfer rewards to verified uphold account. Brave team definitely knows this or maybe they did it on purpose. As a common commercial trick, this often happens to a certain percentage users.

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Not how it works. I don’t agree. I hope you get it resolved but you need to read what they sent you.

@brave should enable to transfer brave rewards directly into native brave wallet.

@brave Then why don’t you enable payout through popular exchange like @Binance

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es pura publicidad engañosa, y si se como funciona el sistema financiero y el mundo crypto, lo demás es pura excusas, lamentablemete el valor agregado que brindaba BRAVE supero las expectativas y no supo como manejarlo, les quedo pequeño, los desarrolladores simplemente no pudieron, sucumbieron a los intereses económicos de un sistema financiero autoritario y opresivo, una lastima, se burlaron y se siguen burlando, esto es una critica, ya que si desean ideas, esas tiene un costo económico, que tienen que pagarlo, asi de simple, si me censura ya que mas da

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As far as i remember, Bitcoin was the currency of terrorism, now it seems kind of regulated n some country’s, and full adopted by all legal custodial wallets.
Isn t that a paradox?

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