How can i transfer my BAT tokens to my Brave wallet?

Hello everyone,

I have i question about the brave wallet. How can i transfer my BAT tokens to my Brave Wallet? I was looking around and couldent finde a solution. Is it mabe not possible?

Thank you for the answers.


Not possible at the moment. You can though if connect to Uphold / Gemini and then send to Brave wallet.

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what should i do i dont have location availability for uphold nor gemini ?? any suggestion to connect Uphold/Gemini ?? and send my bat tokens to brave wallet

No. If your region is not supported, there’s simply nothing you can do.

Sending to Brave Wallet can’t be done either.

If Brave were truly brave, they would defy the financial hegemon and allow us to receive our funds privately and not force us to dox ourselves to centralized exchanges.

That’s not how this world works, buddy. You can’t go and take chances when you wanna be a legit business. Not to ever fiddle when it comes to government rules & regulations.
Even if they did what you refer to, it would have been dumb and would end pretty soon cause of finance regulations and stuff, isn’t worth it. So maybe just get rewards for what a month or something and then having to close down because of governments or is following rules by governments and being able to be in business without much hassles is better ?

You sound heavily vaccinated. This word works how the brave want it to work. and right now, your overlords are braver than you.