How to transfer my Brave Rewards to the new my Brave wallet (beta)

How to transfer my Brave earned Rewards to the new my Brave wallet (beta) in Android mobile ?

Currently it only allows for Uphold. I dont like Uphold :frowning:

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Hello @Sreeni

There’s no way to directly transfer your Rewards to Brave Wallet ATM. You’ll still need a custodian wallet (Uphold/Gemini).


Hmm. Hope that feature would be introduced in Brave Wallet in near future…
Also Gemini is still not available for Mobile so Uphold is the only option :frowning:

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What then is the point of the Brave Wallet? Do you have an ETA on when BAT will be transferrable to it?

The in-browser wallet has a very misleading BAT section right now - without that working and auto-transferring from the browser BAT generator, which seems to be the entire point of the BAT system (which looks a bit scammy in the meantime before this all works, like the Tesla full self drive system that will definitely be working by the end of every year) I have no reason to use it, because I don’t fully trust it enough to put ETH in. One reason I don’t trust it is your recovery code is only 12 words instead of the 24 words my hardware wallet uses. Why?


Brave Wallet is a self-custody crypto wallet that can be used to store/buy/send/swap cryptocurrency.

Why can’t →

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I’m also confused. The link you shared specifically states “You can store BAT you’ve earned through Brave Rewards in the Brave Wallet, but otherwise the two features are not connected.”

Screenshot attached.

This exact same information is posted on the main Brave Wallet website as well:

Please explain, update the text and put out some announcement for all of us asking about this or just let us store our rewards in the actual Brave Wallet already.


What reply from @eljuno meant was you can not directly transfer Brave Ad Rewards to the new Brave Wallet, because they have not included a KYC in there (I dont understand why they cant, though!). However, once the Ad rewards are transferred to Uphold / Gemini, from there we can transfer it to Brave Wallet (again, no reason for us to do so!).

The new Brave wallet is still evolving, so I hope they include direct transfer with KYC facility soon…:crossed_fingers:


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