Brave rewards to wallet to cash?


I’m new to all things crypto and Enlish is not my first language, so it’s hard to find an answer to my probably silly questions:

  • I have been using brave browser for a while (and earned BAT) then used another browser for some time and now I am back. There is this “new” feature of the brave wallet. In the FAQ it says the BAT can be transferred to the wallet, but HOW?
  • Actually I am rather interested in getting cash from my BAT than in transferring it somewhere, but I don’t understand IF and HOW this is possible. Do I need the wallet at all? (I am located in Germany, not in the US)

That’s it :slight_smile: thanks in advance for your help!

Brave Wallet is a crypto wallet. Unfortunately you cannot directly transfer from the browser to the wallet.
You need to have a verified account either in Uphold or Gemini in order to get your BAT out of the browser. Once there, you can cash out or transfer to any other wallet.

Note: Unfortunately it seems neither Uphold nor Gemini are currently available in Germany :frowning:
In this situation you have to keep accumulating until an alternative is available.

When I heard about the Brave wallet, I was very happy that the problems with transferring rewards to the wallet will disappear (in my opinion, almost everyone was waiting for it) but unfortunately this did not happen and the Brave wallet is basically useless (there are a billion such ordinary wallets today).

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