Can i tranfer brave ads reward BAT to brave wallet directly

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can i transfer the reward bat that in my browser built-in wallet to the new brave wallet directly or do i still need to have uphold/gimini wallet ?

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you need the uphold/gemini wallet

then what brave wallet bring to the table uphold/gemini can still swap hold exchnage like many other wallet is it only about not being extension or there something i am missing ?

uphold/gemini are not wallets, they’re custodial exchanges. You can use Brave Wallet to swap on, for example, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) such as uniswap, or pancake swap, and get access to a hold of other tokens not available on centralized exchanges (CEX - gemini/uphold). Having BRave wallet gives you access to a myriad of dApps.

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thanks a lot for the info
is there some where i can get more info about brave wallet

does the requirement for uphold/gemini account to get our brave reward and we can not get it directly to brave wallet related to kyc or something else?

Brave Wallet is an alternative to which is the most popular. There are others too. I think it would be easiest to search for information on metamask. They’re interchangeable.

I’m not sure why, but every time you send tokens such as BAT you have to pay a bit. By hosting it on a custodial site like uphold/gemini it’s not actually sent, but just shows up on a balance on the account, so my guess is that they have a partnership with them to reduce fees for sending the BAT to everyone.


thanks a lot looks like it’s time for me to dive and learn something