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In the official website of brave wallet, it says “You can store BAT you’ve earned through Brave Rewards in the Brave Wallet, but otherwise the two features are not connected.”, My question is how to do that, I have 2 BATs in my rewards section but my wallet is empty, I want to transfer my tokens to my brave wallet. Please help me out as soon as possible.

You’ll have to first send the funds to connected exchange like Uphold or Gemini, and then send from there to your self custody Brave Wallet

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“You can store BAT you’ve earned through Brave Rewards in the Brave Wallet, but otherwise the two features are not connected.”

That means in plain English, that “the two features” are connected . . . when in actual practice, “the two features” are NOT connected. There is no setting/switch within Brave Browser > Settings, that enables the direct flow between the two.

And, the official documentation should be updated, in order to make that clear.

Thanks. I flagged this to the website team and we’ll fix that soon.

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Hello. I apologize in advance if I duplicated the topic.
I have a question that requires an individual answer… I have accumulated a certain amount of BAT, but since the output is available only in 2 variants and both variants unfortunately do not provide their services in the country in which I live. I understand that these are not your problems, but still, in my opinion, discrimination in terms of withdrawal of funds should be corrected… On your website, I read information that your company plans to integrate a wallet with Brave Rewards. Maybe I misunderstood what kind of integration we are talking about? Will Brave wallet replace such wallets as Uphold and Gemini for withdrawal of funds? If I understood correctly, how long is this integration planned for?

We may combine the UI but you will still need to claim rewards to an exchange because of the KYC requirement. So funds will always come into virtual BAT first then to an exchange. From there you can go to the Brave self custody wallet. The website was fixed by the way.

Please tell me what kind of user interface can be combined? I just use a translator to translate your text and therefore I may not understand something correctly. Explain, please. I am ready to go through the verification procedure, the main thing is that the service has service in my country. What exchange are you talking about? I’m sorry for so many questions, but which site was fixed?

Please ignore the UI combine message.

It was just about we have future plans to make the Rewards UI inside of the Brave Wallet UI. But for now they are distinct and different UIs.

Unfortunately, until your country is supported, there is not much that can be done.

This is not discrimination, nor Brave’s fault. This is due to the regulations that do not make it possible for Uphold or Gemini to operate in your country.

Do not loose your hopes. Keep accumulating BAT in your browser. In a near future it may be possible to get those BAT.

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