Why not deposit rewards directly in the Brave (defi) wallet?


I just wanted to verify my rewards-wallet on my smartphone.
Last time i lost my rewards (unverified wallet) on my phone when i had to do a system reset.

But i found out this is at the moment no longer possible due to the location.

My Laptop was previously already verified with gemini.

But i wonder, (maybe a dumb question) why does Brave not directly deposit in the Brave (defi) wallet.

Instead of verifying through an thirth party exchange, just add the wallet adres and deposit…

If i lose or damage my device, i still could acces my rewards.

With kind regards



There are two main reasons why this is not (yet) possible.

The first one is due to regulations. In order to distribute rewards directly to the users wallets, Brave would be forced to the KYC and store user data. This is complex, it would require compliance with several regulations, licenses and technically the reinforcement of data storage capacity, security, etc.

The second reason is due to the fact that BAT is a token in the Ethereum network. Transferring BAT to the Brave wallet would have to be done on-chain. Currently it is done off-chain with the partnership of Uphold and Gemini. Transfers on-chain in Ethereum are expensive. In most cases the value of the fees would be higher than the value of rewards.

The good news is that Brave is aware of these constraints and thinking about possible alternatives. There are rumours that some news may come in the near future.

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Because then you’d actually get them and it wouldn’t all just be a big lie

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ok, thanks for the response :+1:

Most of the people get them, Its just your god damn case. Stop spamming the community and making it as bad as you are. You’re welcome.

I can’t withdraw “my” rewards from the browser to my own wallet, what a great joke brave! In previous versions, the browser gave me the keywords so as not to lose said property gained with my attention, do not be scammers!

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