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Why does cc cleaner say that they have cleared 2500 trackers, when I am using Brave! how come, when there should not be any?

Welcome, @Johnnyboy2, and happy browsing. To the best of my knowledge, what you’re seeing is more a question of definitions and expectations than anything else. I’m assuming you’re in the Windows universe since the Mac version of CCleaner doesn’t appear to have a report of trackers as a category.

There are a couple of reasons CCleaner is reporting so many “trackers,” and nothing about the report appears to be nefarious or a failure per se of the Brave browser. I ask @Mattches to correct any errors or nuances that might be misleading in the following.

First, there’s what is considered a tracker. If you used the default “Health Check” to do your scan, it looks like CCleaner uses the term “tracker” to include cookies, download history, and temporary internet files (cache files, for example). Brave doesn’t wipe your cache or browsing/download history automatically, so these remain and are likely reported by CCleaner as trackers.

Second, Brave doesn’t block ALL cookies or scripts, at least by default, in part because they can be handy and desired in some circumstances. For example, sites that you log onto a lot can store the fact that you’re logged in and such in a cookie so you don’t have to enter your credentials every time.

All of this said, you can increase Brave’s aggressiveness, delete/disable your download history, see different categories and controls for these, and more by exploring brave://settings/privacy, especially Site and Shields settings and Clear Browsing Data. I just lost power, so I’m cutting this short, but best of luck.


I forgot to highlight the “On Exit” tab of the browsing data managing pop-up:

It’s possible that not all cache files will be deleted by Brave. This came up in a cache-specific thread some time ago.

Also, there are extensions that enhance ease of browsing data clearing, though I’m a little leery of the permissions they request (maybe @Mattches or another Brave person with stronger KungFu in this regard could comment on that?). Here are two examples (not recommendation, just examples):

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