Tracker Blocking

I did run a search on Trackers before this post and did not find a suitable answer.

I am experimenting with Brave and have tested it’s ability to block trackers next to another browser using the same settings and extensions. During this test I have found Brave to be less than adept at this function unless I am missing something.

While setting up and using the web store to add approx 6 extensions I ran a utility to determine how many trackers were left over after the browser closed. 635 to be exact. I don’t think I’ve ever pulled that many trackers in that short a time span.

Firefox was my other browser.

After everything was as equal as I could make it I tested Brave against another browser and found that it pulls about 10x as many trackers. I am using Standard blocking.

Start browser
Browse to identical random safe(?) websites and close.
Browsers were not run at the same time.
Used Ccleaner to check (I realize that this is not the gold standard) and find that Brave collects and stores more trackers than Firefox (no shields).

Expected result - a privacy focused browser to be more private

Reproduces how often - 100% of the time

Windows 11 home ver 22623.891

I want to make this my daily driver but maybe need some help.

Thank you,

Well, what are your Shield settings? Do you have any filters active or are you using default settings?

As to the rest of the stuff, I’ll leave it to people like @fanboynz to say if what you’re looking at is the good way or even if you might be misunderstanding something. For example, Brave will allow 1p cookies but not 3p. The browser also uses Ephemeral third-party site storage which will store and isolate cookies/trackers but not allow them to send any information to websites.

So if we assume that Brave is isolating those things and hiding there, all so that sites don’t break, but your information isn’t ever tracked or reported by those sites, then would be better or worse than the other?

Problem is, I’m not 100% sure if that is what’s happening. At least tossing out the thought and hoping Fanboynz will clarify or get more info from you.

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