Privacy report not deleted/Trackers question

Hi, I am using Brave browser on my mobile phone and my tablet. (Both Android) I have three questions:

  1. When I click on History->Clear browsing data the browser successfully deletes the History but when I click on Privacy Stats in a new tab, the History can be seen in Privacy report->Websites, even if I previously cleared my browsing data. To delete the websites from the Privacy report I have to separately clear all privacy reports data in Settings->Privacy report. This is very annoying, how come the Clear browsing data button does not delete websites from the Privacy report? How can I make sure that after I click on “Clear browsing data” all my history is deleted even from the Privacy report? Do I have to turn Privacy report off entirely?

  2. I do not understand whether Brave browser blocks all trackers. On my PC I am using Opera browser and in Opera browser I have two buttons: Block ads and Block trackers. Both of these are turned on in my Opera browser, however in Brave browser on my mobile phone I only see a Block ads button, I do not see any block trackers button… However in Brave browser I see a Do not track request button and I do not understand why is it there since if trackers are blocked anyway then there is no need to send a do not track request, right? So to my understanding Brave is not blocking trackers?

If you not use it, then you can disable it, IMHO. 🤷
It’s just a statistics.

I believe this behavior is caused because those are different type of “data” stored on different places.

The button is confusing on mobile, yes. :joy: But believe me, those setting is blocking both ads and trackers.

And this is a completely different feature. This is a feature implemented by most browsers too.

Thank you for your response, however I am still confused with the blocking of trackers and the “Do not track request”…

So you are saying that the “Block ads” button is blocking BOTH ads AND trackers, in that case I do not need to use the “Do not track request” at all since trackers are already blocked anyway, right? (I read through the wikipedia link you posted but I still do not understand whether the “Do not track request” does anything additional in case trackers are already blocked)

Yes. I have mine disabled too. That feature is “never work”.

DNT is not widely adopted by the industry, with companies citing the lack of legal mandates for its use, as well as unclear standards and guidelines for how websites are to interpret the header. Thus, it is not guaranteed that enabling DNT will actually have any effect at all. – Wikipedia

DNT requests are completely useless, because almost all websites ignore them.

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