Can anyone tell me where Brave stores it's cookies?


Can anyone tell me where Brave stores it’s cookies? I previously used CCleaner to clean my PC of unwanted and unneeded cookies but CCleaner has not seen fit to support Brave. I could use the history page in Brave to clear off all of the cookies but there are a few of them that allow me to stay logged onto a site and if they are removed I have to go thru a big huge hassle of re-authenticating with these sites and telling them that my PC is secure. What I would like to do if possible is keep the cookies that I need for these sites and then nuke the rest. Thanks.



In its clawset.

Bad pun I know but it would be good if you can press the invite button and cc them via their email or cc them in one of the following support services, it would be good for many users

It doesn’t answer your question directly but an issue for this was only created in the community but it’s now closed -


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