Is there a way to clear the Brave statistics back to zero?


I’ve been using Brave now for 2 months and it ROCKS! The statistic say that Brave has blocked almost 12,000 trackers, almost 23,000 ads, over 500 HTTPS Upgrades and has saved me almost 30 minutes of time which is fantastic but, I’d like to know if there’s a way to reset all of the above statistics back to zero? It’s not hurting me to see the total statistics however it would be nice to be able to reset these number on the 1st of the month you can see the statistics on a monthly basis. Let me know if there’s a way to do this now or whether this is something that the Brave team needs to consider as an enhancement. Thanks.



Theres no way to currently do this - however, I like your point about viewing monthly “reports” on items blocked by Shields. Could go further and use this as a way to track your own trends after enough reports have been generated.

I would suggest reposting this as a feature request :slight_smile:



There is actually a way to do this, but it’s involved and manual. In short, if you go into your brave-browser/defaults folder, there is a file called Preferences. You can go in there and manually edit the # of ads blocked, time saved, etc. to 0.

Warning: Always back up any files you change, and I cannot guarantee the safety of this operation. Perform this at your own discretion.



@Moondoggy nice idea. support! @chriscat perfect hack, thanks :blush: @Mattches yes, if add charts on local machine with more data, nice good thing if you offline and if online also :sunglasses:

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I found a preferences file within my user’s appdata folder for Brave. I copied the file to my documents folder just so I could look at it and it’s just one long string of data in notepad ++. I tried searching for the number of trackers blocked and the number of ads blocked and search did not find any string of numbers that correspond to the numbers I’m seeing on my screen. Do I have the right preferences file and if I do can you provide a bit more information as to what I need to look for in the file? Thanks.

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i think this file and file history and bats rewards need simple password from local user but this offtopic, i think chromium engine give do so things



Here is a screenshot of the relevant line from my Preferences file:

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ChrisCat, thanks for the info.

Just to be clear for anyone that is following this thread there are multiple Preference files within the Brave-Browser folder. The first time I tried this I grabbed the wrong one and changing the values didn’t changed the statistics displayed. Apparently, the one I grabbed the first time must be some sort of a historical capture of the files on a specific date which was probably the date of the last Brave upgrade as all of the files in that folder were showing a 2/2/2019 date time stamp.

The preferences file that you need to modify is found in this location where YourUserName is your profile name.

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Preferences

As ChrisCat pointed out you string to look for is ads_blocked and the https_upgrades and trackers_blocked values are all together. After making a backup of this file I opened it with Windows Notepad, found the string and changed all 3 values within each set of quotes to zero and saved the file. After saving the file I opened Brave and everything was set back to zero including the minutes saved as Brave must used the values in the profile to calculate the saved minutes.

Hope this helps anyone else that is looking for a reset of the Brave Stats.

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Thanks. I suspected it was an OS difference (or maybe it’s because I don’t have multiple user profiles). But on my current MacOS setup, there is no /User Data/ folder in between Brave-browser and Default!

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