Clear browsing data isnt clearing

hello! everytime i clear my browsing data i close out brave and run ccleaner. there are still many tracking files discovered by ccleaner. shouldnt clear browsing data wipe out ALL tracking files? this has been happening since i first started using brave a couple of years ago. i am not comfortable with the new brave. i cant see how so many things were left out that the older versions had. like the history and bookmarks tab at the top. i know you all are doing your best!

I once made a comment directly to CCleaner about the Muon version and they said it was still relatively new and would support it as it matured.
Perhaps you could could cc the team for CCleaner support for Brave-Browser by pressing the ‘Invite’ button below, I think their email is [email protected] also cc PrivaZer while you’re at it, their email must be [email protected]

It may also be good if one of the moderators could communicate to the team about session-storage files and other prevalent data and data that may cause some conflicts if erased if/when they make a reply :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the invitation.
Here is the PrivaZer Team.
How can, we help?

@PrivaZer that was fast and it’s a weekend.

Here’s the official website for download and here’s the open-source repository

Just to give you a heads up, quite recently they’ve moved most of the user base onto their new Chromium rebase from the older now deprecated Electron fork Muon. The new version in GIthub is brave-browser.

I haven’t personally used Brave on a Macintosh and Windows PC in a while but I’m certain if you cc one of the moderators they’ll be more friendlier towards the support of secure and efficient data clean but also to prevent any mishaps in the process with new developments.
@Mattches is very active in this community and the last person I spoke to about data wipe was Brian who may be better to cc in Github (@bsclifton) unless one of the team advises otherwise.

Good luck utilising the browser for your product, both are excellent for all users.

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