Totally blind user experiencing accessibility issues on iPhone 12 mini

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Hello, I’m Trey from the UK. I’m totally blind using the iOS VoiceOver screen reader with brave on the following devices:
Latest iPod touch 7th gen running iOS 14.6
IPhone 12 mini running iOS 14.6.
The issue I am having is that brave does not appear to be accessible to the VoiceOver screen reader on the iPhone 12 mini, when I launched brave a few days ago I thought that there was a blank screen because VoiceOver was not reading any controls. But when I had a sighted friend help me confirm this they told me that the brave start-up screen with options for search engine selection was showing.
I am not having this issue with brave on my iPod touch.
As you can see above both devices are running the same operating system. I’m afraid that I cannot tell you what version of brave is running on the iPhone 12 mini because it does not appear to be working with the VoiceOver screen reader. Reinstallation does not fix this problem.
Here are the steps to reproduce this issue:
On an iPhone 12 mini running iOS 14.6
Go to settings/accessibility and turn on VoiceOver. Launch brave.
A link which explains more about the VoiceOver screen reader can be found below:
Thank you for taking the time to read this post I hope you can help me with this issue
Thanks for your help, kind regards Trey.

This will be most likely fixed in next release, we fixed one accessibility problem with the new bottom menu we introduced, cc @kylehickinson

I checked the search engines screen and on this screen there is a ‘skip’ button to skip this screen

Hi @trey31 I’m interested to find out more here. I’ve tested out the VoiceOver support on the onboarding screen (specifically the search selection as you mentioned above) and found that VoiceOver could read the elements on the page fine, although it highlights the wrong element to start, which is something we can improve on easily.

I would like to dig deeper if you could provide some more information, such as:

  • Do you hear anything at all when launching Brave, such as on the iOS home screen when highlighting the Brave iOS app icon, does it read out “Brave”? When you finish launching, do you hear any notes specifying that an element on the screen had been highlighted even if VoiceOver didn’t actually read anything?
  • Can you navigate with regular VoiceOver gestures and hear the standard navigation sound
  • Does this only happen with Brave?

One thing to also note is while I was testing I noticed my VoiceOver wasn’t actually speaking out each element even though it was highlighting and navigating through the screen. I ended up having my selected VoiceOver Speech Voice somehow bugged in the iOS VoiceOver settings and once I changed it to a different one (Samantha in this case) it started reading everything out properly again.

If none of this is helpful, perhaps I am not understanding what you expect to occur immediately on app launch and if you could give me some insight into this I can hopefully fix it and help others in the same situation.

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Hi Kyle, thanks for your reply. I am able to open brave from the home screen as normal, but when I open brave I receive absolutely no feedback from VoiceOver, VoiceOver reads none of the page elements on the screen apart from the status indicators on the top of the screen like battery and signal level et cetera. Reinstallation of brave has not resolved this issue. Brave is the only app where this behaviour occurs. I really hope we can resolve this issue as I have been using brave on Mac and iOS for many years now.

Hi @trey31 that seems very odd. Could I ask whether or not this happens with other apps as well or just Brave? Also can I get you to try rebooting your device and trying again?

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