Voiceover compatibility broken within 30 days

There was functional compatibility with the built in iOS screen reading software, which allows you to move your finger around the screen and here output of what is present.

At this point, top reads address bar, reader view, brave panel and unidentified button.
The bottom reads call Lynn Back, forward and the number of tabs open.

The only way to navigate a webpage is to swipe left and right, starting at the bottom or the top of the application Interface and hope that no element within the current page redirects the screen reader focus, at which point the entire process has to start over.

My apologies for posting this in the wrong place, but I haven’t been able defined what I would think would be appropriate tags for this issue.

My reasoning for why this should be reintroduced instead it has worked for years and it’s actually been the best browsing experience on iOS.
Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help remedy this problem.
Thank you for your time,