The items on the "share" menu are not accessible to screen-reader users

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**Additional Information:**Hello,
I am legally blind. I use a variety of operating systems.
I use the screen-readers available on Windows, MacOS, iOS/iPadOS& Linux.
If you enable a screen-reader on any of the above platforms, with the exception of iOS/iPadOS, you will run into the following issue:
When trying to use the “share” menu, Jaws, NVDA or narrator will not read this menu on Windows. Orca also refuses to read it on Linux.

Follow these steps to attempt to duplicate my issue:

  1. load your screen-reader & open Brave.
  2. press control+L to move focus to the adress bar & enter a website of your choosing.
  3. press tab until you hear, “share” & press the spacebar to acctivate.
  4. Your screen-reader will announce, “press tab to navigate.”

If nothing happens when you tab at this point, you’ve found the issue.
I’m willing to install the beta if you believe this issue is fixed there.
I need to be able to send tabs between my laptops, iPhone & iPad.
Please note: as of this writing, I’ve only tested this issue on Windows 11 & Linux Mint 21.1 with Brave 1.48.
I’ll update this topic as I’m able to test on other devices.

I just tested on my mac which is an m2 MacBook air runing MacOs Ventura 13.2.1 & the latest version of Brave. Voiceover reads the “share” menu correctly.

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