How do I disable accessibility voice on PC

Can someone help me to turn off the accessibility voice?


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I don’t think this is a setting available in Brave. It is probably enabled in your OS system settings or by some extension if you have any installed. You should probably check your system settings first. I would think that would be the most likely culprit.



Check if accessibility features are disable @ brave://flags/

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@CerealLover Thanks! I saw those flags and thought “screen readers” had to do with fonts and sizes type things. Didn’t snap that might mean “voice readers”. Sheesh. :laughing:

Now I will go see if I can find any explanations about those flags so I know what they actually do… :wink:

Edit: Ugh. Didn’t know that “screen reader” meant a text (or display) to speech function. Guess I do now. lol

I checked and they are disabled on brave.
What then?

The narrator was off on my computer so I will reboot and see what happens. Thank you and hope this works or else i can not use brave!!! :frowning:

Hi chocolic, it’s off on both the OS and Browser. I will delete browser and download it to see if that clears the problem. Thanks for your help

@mobank So, so far it wasn’t Brave flags and it wasn’t enabled in your windows OS, do you have any extensions and did you check those? You could also try opening a new private window and see if it occurs there. You could also create a test profile and see if it is still occurring. You can then delete the test profile.

If you delete the browser and reinstall, you will lose any estimated earnings and balances if your Rewards are unverified. Follow this guide from @CerealLover if you are going to reinstall and want to save what is in your Rewards.

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Hi Cereallover,
I found a chrome screen reader extension and deleted it!!! thank you for your help!!!



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